Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #23: Moods

“The one about… Managing low moods”

In this episode we started out looking at FOUNDATIONS, as one of our subscribers asked, “Where do I start again, if I've lost my way completely?” To do that, we went in to some detail about “The Thing” vs. “Your experience of The Thing” and explored the very notion of “losing our way,” as well as how to find it again, and whether or not there's anything we have to do in order to stop from losing it again. We then took a deep dive into moods, as we spent the second of half of the episode on IMPLICATIONS, answering the question, “Are there any short cuts out of a low mood?”

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Enjoy this excerpt:

Here's what's inside:

  • A beautiful Hafiz poem relating what happens when we get a taste of our true nature

  • What to do when we've lost our way/fallen off the “wellbeing wagon”

  • How insights and realisations change our world, effortlessly and permanently

  • The role of wisdom and common sense in our experience of wellbeing

  • How to experience an “easy life” (something we should all have as a life goal)!

  • Unpacking “the thing” vs. “your experience of the thing”

  • Where feelings of overwhelm come from… and what to do about them

  • How to have more insights when it feels like you're just reacting all the time

  • Low moods and how to deal with them

  • Moods, as seen from an outside-in and an inside-out perspective

  • How low moods and problem-solving are connected

  • What to actually do, when we're in a super-low mood

  • Our psychological immune system: what it is and how it works

  • Finding joy and peace in everyday life 🙏🏻💟

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WBW The one about… Managing low moods