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[TL;DR] If you are looking for 1:1 support, then you can get started here, in 3 simple steps:

  1. Contact: You send a message to let me know what you would like help with.
  2. Connect: I get back to you with an initial plan, either guiding you to specific resources that will help, or arranging a first appointment.
  3. Collaborate: Together we will help you to achieve a clearer mind and get you relief from the problem that you are experiencing.


If you’d like to learn more about how I work with individual clients, how much it will be for a package of support, read answers to some frequently asked questions and watch a video case history of a client who recovered from burnout, then read on.

We are all doing what makes sense to us

Every one of us feels like life is spinning out of control at times (me too!) but that does not mean there is something wrong with you, that you have something missing, that you’re broken or that you don’t have the ability to cope.

You are so much more than you think

You have a natural, inbuilt state of health and happiness that’s as much a part of you as your ability to breathe. It is your true nature, and it never goes anywhere. It can only ever get obscured by an innocent, conditioned misunderstanding. A misunderstanding that we are all in the thrall of. A misunderstanding that can be set straight, quickly and easily.

It is the human condition to lose sight of this natural state of calm clear-headedness, but there is a reliable way back to it, that you can learn to access, any time you like.

Let me guide you through a simple, four step process that will reconnect you to your innately healthy self. The peace of mind you seek is so much closer than you think, and it doesn’t require medications, time-consuming rituals, or digging around in painful memories. It is one insight away.


Disconnection has consequences

We all know what it feels like to become dis-connected from our innate health. The mind speeds up, bringing us down as it devotes all its energy to worry and problem-solving. It’s impossible to think clearly, or focus properly and if left unchecked, it can lead to:

  • Feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness
  • Disconnection – from ourselves, colleagues and loved ones
  • Irritability and being quick to anger
  • Procrastination and avoidance
  • Anxiety, panic attacks, depression and escalating mental dis-order
  • Insomnia
  • Burnout
  • Stress-related physical symptoms and chronic pain

We are all trying to find our way back

If nobody has shown us how to access the inbuilt good feeling that comes with peace of mind, we very naturally, very understandably will do anything that looks like it helps us to quieten our minds and return to clarity. This can manifest as:

  • Becoming all-consumed by our job, our business or our children
  • Relying on alcohol, tobacco or other psychoactive substances
  • Comfort eating, binge eating, or under-eating
  • Becoming dependent on our “fix” of exercise, personal development or meditation
  • Addictions to gambling, shopping, pornography or gaming
  • Seeking approval from others, to the detriment of our own needs

If any of these symptoms & signs ring true for you, please know that they are all very normal responses to our innocent misunderstanding and none of them mean there is anything wrong with you in the slightest! On the contrary – their very presence is an indication that the system is working exactly as it should.

You deserve peace of mind

Mental health is your birthright. And the good news is that it doesn’t take a daily self-care practice, months of therapy, or years of medication to correct this innocent misunderstanding and find your way back to wholeness, healthiness and happiness.

It’s available to you right now.


Giles P Croft Limited

“This is a different approach. It is deep and thought provoking but it is actually quite simple. If you really want to live your life better, I urge you to give it a go!”

Social Worker

Individual consultations: how it works

Once you’ve got in touch and we agree that a 1:1 session would be a good place to start, then between us we will arrange a first appointment for you.

First appointment

The initial consultation is an extended (90 minutes) and discounted (£99) session where I get to really understand your situation and do my best to help you make positive changes, there and then. For you, it’s a low cost, low risk way to have an experience of what being supported by me will be like, as well as an opportunity for you to get insight into the nature of your situation in a way that has the potential to change it completely and permanently.

The first appointment is conducted either online (I use Zoom), or locally, in Abergavenny, UK (usually outdoors). You are under no obligation to commit to any more than the first appointment. I offer a money back guarantee on it too, so if you feel like you’ve got nothing from it at all, you pay nothing and we part ways.

From experience, by the end of the first appointment, we’re usually both pretty clear on whether it’s going to be a good idea to have further sessions together, and if so, we’ll get some dates in the diary, then.


Giles P Croft Limited

“I have developed a much more healthy state of mind. I see the world in a new way and am much more able to live in the present moment, rather than over-thinking and over-analysing things.”

S.M.E. Business owner

Package prices

If between us we decide to continue with some sessions, I don’t insist that you sign up to many months of support. We do however need the time and space to work through and reflect on the four steps of Reconnecting to Health & Happiness, so clients decide whether they want to experience those online (6 x 1hr), or as outdoor ‘Walk & Talk’ sessions (5 x 90 mins).

🔹 First appointment (90 mins): £99 (with money back guarantee)

🔹 Package of 6  online sessions (1hr each): £660 (instalment plan available)


🔹 Package of 5  ‘Walk & Talk’ sessions (90 mins each): £990  (instalment plan available)

Outdoor Intensives

Another popular option is to kick start the process by joining me for a half day intensive ‘Walk & Talk’ session out in the hills (or flatlands – your choice) that surround Abergavenny. Clients love these sessions, where we get to go deep into all four steps of the Reconnect process, bathed in the beautiful natural landscape of the Brecon Beacons Natural Park.

🔹 Half day intensive ‘Walk & Talk’ session (Up to 4hrs): £600


If you've reached that point where you know you're ready for a total life transformation (but are short on time and want results now) then I offer a three day, outdoor Reconnect Immersion. Base yourself in Abergavenny and experience the very best the Brecon Beacons have to offer with a trusted guide (of both the form and formless). Upon your return you will inhabit a bright new reality and hold an entirely fresh perspective on life, work and relationships. Follow up sessions are included, to consolidate your insights.

🔹 Three day ‘Walk & Talk’ immersion (3 days + 3 online sessions): £3960 (instalment plan available)

All packages are paid for in advance and we work out a session schedule that’s right for you. Payment plans are available for all multi-session packages. For existing clients, who have been through the process of Reconnecting to Health & Happiness, single ‘top up’ sessions are available, as well as packages of monthly mentoring. Together we'll figure out what's best for you and your current situation.

Every client I work with will also be invited to the monthly Wellbeing Wednesdays event for the duration of their coaching package (more details at https://gilespcroft.com/wellbeing/


Giles P Croft Limited

“Money well spent! I’m much more positive… in much better moods: optimistic, empathic, creative. I can concentrate much better and have much more energy.”

Transportation Strategy Manager, UK

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

It's natural to do due diligence before working with someone and I'm sure you have questions. Here is a selection of answers to the more commonly asked ones.

Q: Are you a real doctor? Prescribing and stuff?

A: Yes and no…

I qualified as a doctor in the UK in 1998 and am still registered today with the GMC (General Medical Council) as a ‘doctor in good standing.’ You can look me up here on my serial number: 4514897. I became  a surgeon and then did a couple of years of specialist training in Orthopaedics & Trauma, before leaving the NHS (National Health Service) and clinical practice in 2003.

So these days I no longer need and no longer hold what is called a ‘Licence to practice’ which basically means I can’t prescribe drugs to anyone. This is a good thing, because I don’t subscribe to the classical ‘medical model’ of mental healthcare and I would not wish to prescribe anyone psycho-active drugs.


Q: Does that mean you're anti-psychiatry, then? And anti-drugs?

A: I’m not anti-anything. I have colleagues who work from the same understanding of innate health as me, who are psychiatrists and they are doing phenomenal work. Further up this page there was a heading that said, ‘We’re all doing what makes sense to us and that holds true for everybody – including those who are radically opposed to the way I work, and are engaged in helping others in their own way.

We’re all operating from within our individual thought-systems… indeed that is the basis of my work: to make that very fact more visible for you, so that you can step outside of those belief systems and into your true nature.

So I have no problem with people being prescribed drugs, if they’re truly indicated, if they’ve been proven to work to relieve symptoms, if it’s done with fully informed consent that spells out any difficulty in coming off them, and if it’s with a view to getting people to a point where they are helped to have insights into the nature of their problems. How that all looks from within my own belief system, is that these conditions are rarely met! You’ll have your own views too, and that's absolutely fine.

If you want to read more about my perspective on mental health and mental illness, I wrote a piece called “Realising Our Mental Health” that was published in the October 2021 edition of the Focus Magazine. You can read it here.


Q: What method do you employ, to help people?

A: I’ve pointed to it a lot on this page: I lead clients back to their innate health. I provide a space for you that is free from judgement or pressure—a safe, supportive, and light-hearted environment—where you get to reflect on the principles that underpin the experience you’re having, and have insights that change the nature of your problem completely.


So it’s not a method per se. There are no tools or techniques involved, it is purely insight-based. As I alluded to in the above question, it is to see that all ‘methods’ (and tools, and techniques, and labels that get attributed to people's experiences) are essentially creations of a human thought system, and to see who you really are prior to all of that is profoundly helpful, practical and restorative.

What you will find on this exploration is all the stuff you are looking for: peace of mind, creativity, fulfilment, intuition, connection, forgiveness, wisdom, oneness, gratitude, security, insight, wellbeing… it’s all there, waiting for you, and it’s only ever obscured by innocent misunderstanding. It’s pretty cool! Everyone I’ve met who’s had their eyes opened to it has experienced profoundly positive life changes.

Historically speaking, you could say it’s nothing new—the Stoics, the Sufis, the Buddhists, the Yogis, the Abrahamic faiths, all the ancient wise… they’ve all been pointing to the same thing in different ways—but more recently the most influential of teachers in this field was a man called Sydney Banks, a Scottish welder who had an out-of-the-blue enlightenment experience in 1973 and who devoted the rest of his life to leading others back to their innate health.

The principles underpinning this work have gone by many names since then: Health Realization, Innate Health, The Inside-Out understanding, Subtractive Psychology and the Three Principles… they are all metaphors for this same, profoundly simple and wonderfully transformative understanding of how we experience life.

The international organisation that serves as home for practitioners such as myself is called the Three Principles Global Community. As such, I am a 3PGC Registered Practitioner. Have a look around the rest of that website if you'd like to delve a bit deeper.


Q: Will I have homework to do?

A: I will not be sending you away with any tools or techniques that you need to practice in order to move forwards, no. Nor will you have to do anything like journalling or meditating in order to delve through the content of your thoughts, or try and avoid them. You’ll hear me say, a lot, “To experience wellbeing, there is nothing to do, only something to see,” so I'm not going to be adding anything into the mix for you (it's called ‘subtractive’ for a reason) - you've probably got enough on your plate already! But I will almost certainly be sharing resources with you that lead you to look in this direction, in order for you to have the insights you need to resolve the problems you’re facing.

So there will be reading/listening/watching in between sessions, yes; whatever I feel is relevant for you, given where you're at. But the answers you seek don’t live inside books or podcasts or videos… all of those are merely pointing to the fact that the answers you seek lie deep inside you. Realising that, is what is so truly liberating. I have the best job in the world, being on that journey with you, when it happens. ✨


Q: What does it cost? Why don't you offer a free ‘discovery call’?

A: Current prices are outlined above. The first appointment is discounted, as I don’t want there to be a barrier to anyone working with me, if they want to. We should all have access to this understanding because, like I said, mental health is our birthright.

But it’s not free, no.* Why not? Because as humans, we’re not set up to value free stuff. If we want change, it’s an inconvenient truth that we need to have some skin in the game. Now, I used to read statements like that on other people’s websites and think, “What a load of crap – they’re just trying to make money!” but my opinion was changed by two experiences:

  1. The first is that my hard drive is full of freebies I had every intention of getting stuck into when I signed up to them, but never did and never will – they were useless.
  2. The second is the fact that when I used to give away part of my online self-study Fresh Perspective on Wellbeing course for free, the majority of people who signed up for it never ever got started.

I want better than that for you. I want you to commit to change, right from the very start, and in order for that to happen I'm going to gently push you to invest in yourself. You are very welcome 🙏🏻💟

*although it can be, if you feel you got nothing from the first appointment. I will give you your money back. I’m not a monster.


Q: How long will it take?

A: Ah, the biggie. How long is a piece of string? I have had clients who have not even had the chance to become clients because in our initial messaging I recommended a book to them, they read it and the penny dropped so comprehensively that their 49-year long habit they’d been trying to quit for decades disappeared in the space of 36 hours! I kid you not. (You can read Rachel’s testimonial on my Facebook page, here.)

Other people have had one session and everything’s changed completely (watch the video below, for Stacey’s story about recovering from burnout). That said, this is rare, but these inspiring client stories make me look good, so of course I’m going to tell you about them! 😃 

In truth, it all depends on where you’re at, what you’re looking for and how badly you want it. Like everything in life, the responses I see lie on a normal distribution curve. You’ll almost certainly know, after the first appointment, whether this is for you and whether you can see the sense in it, even if you don’t experience profound change there and then, or very soon after. I have chosen to offer packages of five and six sessions, and short, immersive intensives for a reason.

But this isn’t therapy that goes on for years. Nor is it something that you need to practice continually in order to see the benefit. Insights come when they’re ready and neither you nor I have any say in that. However, I will say that you’ve come here for a reason and if you’re still feverishly making your way through the small print at the bottom of the FAQ section on my website, there’s every chance this is what you need.

How does the old Lao Tzu quote go? “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I would be honoured to find out if I’m the right guide for you, and I have done everything I can to make it easy for you to find out, too.


Giles P Croft Limited

“It was rapid. After a couple of sessions there was significant change. It works. This was not some scripted coaching package off the shelf, but a profound, life-changing experience. And fun!”

Consultant Surgeon, NHS, UK

Client story: Back from the brink of burnout

Still have questions? Watch the video below to discover the 3 breakthroughs that helped a stressed-out professional come back from the brink of burnout. (Click on the image to play)



Giles P Croft Limited

“This has been so life changing for me! I have an inner peace and a deeper, human connection with my patients and their families.”

Paediatrician, NHS, UK