Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #43: Listening and Intuition

“The one about… Listening and Intuition”

The notion of INTUITION can seem a bit ethereal at times - like a dark art! Sometimes we sense it, other times we write it off, or maybe we don’t even think it’s a thing at all.

So this month we devoted the best part of an evening to the topic, looking at what exactly it is, the science behind it and a whole raft of metaphors to help put us more in touch with it.

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We started by exploring our understanding of how LISTENING works, because it turns out LISTENING and INTUITION are intimately intertwined.

Here’s a run down of what’s inside this 1h48min episode:

  • How one simple metaphor can unlock a whole different experience of life

  • What is “creative listening”?

  • The link between listening and focus, attention & intuition

  • What lies “beyond the thinking mind”

  • The science behind intuition

  • The ultimate spiritual practice - revealed!

  • Identifying the difference between intuition and brain-chatter

  • Digging into “either/or” vs. “and” and why that’s important

  • How to use the the ‘back burner’ for an effortlessly productive experience of life

  • Working with values, beliefs and truth

  • Self-confident, intuitive decision making

This episode is a wonderful mixture of light-heartedness, metaphor, music, poetry and practical problem-solving, and if you’re looking to move through life with more intuition and less worry, then it’s the one for you.



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WBW The one about… Listening & Intuition