Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #41: Decision making

“The one about… Decision making”

This month we looked at the process of DECISION MAKING, something that we all have to do, pretty much all of the time. In fact, on one level, you could say it’s all we do as humans: make one choice after another, as we move through life, so it pays to know how it works! Therefore in this episode we examined exactly how we can ‘choose for the best’ and what that means.

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Our guiding star for the evening was the notion of ‘using the right tool for the job’, so we had an in-depth look at the two modes of thinking we have at our disposal when making decisions; their unique characteristics, strengths & weaknesses, which to use, when, and how to access each.

You’re going to love this episode - it brings real clarity to the decision-making process, taking all the weight out of even the heaviest of choices you might have to make.

Here’s a run down of what’s inside:

  • Decision making: using the right tool for the job

  • The two modes of thought at our disposal

  • Advantages and disadvantages of the two modes

  • The implications of using the wrong mode for the wrong type of decision

  • How to get into the right mode of thinking for different kinds of decision

  • Member questions: on when to leave a career… and on how to start one

  • Three fundamental things the mind does, during the decision-making process

  • How to make ‘wise’ decisions

  • Understanding responsibility for decision making & outcomes

  • The role of concepts: when they’re useful, when they’re not.

As we so often do at Wellbeing Wednesdays, we structured the evening around the four steps I use when helping groups and individuals to solve their problems via insight, rather than willpower:

  1. FOUNDATIONS: What is the general advice for better decision making?

  2. MECHANICS: Two modes of thought at our disposal, when making decisions

  3. IMPLICATIONS: Realising the nature of decisions

  4. TRUE NATURE: Exploring the notion of free will in decision making.

This one will be different… but also very familiar, so sit back, relax and listen for insight. With a lighthearted mixture of readings, audios, powerful visual metaphors, flip charts, anecdotes, member questions and poetry, this is a revealing 90 minutes that will give you a completely fresh perspective on decision making … so that you too, can ‘decide for the best’ 💖



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WBW The one about… Decision making