Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #40: Difficult people

“The one about… Difficult people”

In this month’s Wellbeing Wednesdays we looked at the topic of DIFFICULT PEOPLE and spent most of the evening answering member questions, as there were many! It’s almost as if there are lots of difficult people out there… 😆

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Here’s a run down of what’s inside:

  • Difficult people: can’t we just avoid them? Well… sometimes, yes!

  • The red flag of “should” – what it’s alerting us to, every time we hear it

  • The weird and truly wonderful world of apparent separate realities

  • Three different ways of dealing with our experience of difficult people

  • What to do about other people projecting their stuff onto you

  • Why just “being more spiritual” is not the answer

  • Finding common ground with difficult people and why that’s completely different from what you imagine

  • Responding to others when in a low mood yourself

  • Managing memories of difficult people and the traumas they committed in the past

  • How not to fall into the “positive thinking” trap

  • How to feel secure and calm in the face of our deepest held values coming under attack

We really did examine DIFFICULT PEOPLE from pretty much every angle in this one… so with that in mind, sit back, relax and listen for insight. This is a recording that might just change your relationship with your self and other people, forever.



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WBW The one about… Difficult people