Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #39: Imposter Syndrome

“The one about… Imposter Syndrome”

In this month’s episode we look at something pretty much all of us experience from time to time: IMPOSTER SYNDROME. In time-honoured Wellbeing Wednesdays fashion, we peel away all the complexity and figure out exactly what’s going on here, and in doing so… we learn how to banish this infernal experience completely! 🥳

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Here’s a run down of what’s inside:

  • Our aim: getting to the powerful “real you” that laughs in the face of Imposter Syndrome 😁

  • Why seeing through ‘Imposter Syndrome’ is relatively easy

  • Some personal experiences of how Imposter Syndrome severely limited my life

  • How one simple insight can change everything

  • The role of the mind in ‘Imposter Syndrome’ … and what to do about it

  • Why age and life-long experience are not a barrier to change

  • Explainer: Why the mind is so. damned. negative. all. the. time. (And how once you’ve seen why… it stops being a problem)

  • Why our attempts to deal with Imposter Syndrome paradoxically bolster its presence

  • Dealing with injustices and inequality: a ‘how to’ primer

  • The ONE very easy thing to see around ‘Imposter Syndrome’ that makes it instantly dissolve

  • How to show up in life powerfully, as your “authentic self”

In kicking this thing we call ‘Imposter Syndrome’ into touch, we structured the evening around the four steps I always use when helping groups and individuals to solve their problems via insight, rather than willpower:

  1. FOUNDATIONS: What is the general understanding of ‘Imposter Syndrome’?

  2. MECHANICS: How does it actually work? What are the principles behind it?

  3. IMPLICATIONS: Applying these principles to real life experiences of ‘Imposter Syndrome’

  4. TRUE NATURE: Seeing how a simple misunderstanding guarantees Imposter Syndrome… and how to fix that

Sit back, relax and listen for insight. With a lighthearted mixture of readings, audios, powerful visual metaphors, song lyrics and poetry, this is a fun 90 minutes that will give you a completely fresh perspective on ‘Imposter Syndrome’ … so much so, there’s every chance it will cease to bother you, ever again!



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WBW The one about… Imposter Syndrome