Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #36: Fitting in

“The one about… Fitting in”

This month’s Wellbeing Wednesdays was all about FITTING IN and how the feeling of not fitting in is a universal human condition – this episode explains how that is, and what to do about it. But first… we missed a month last time, and I spend the first part of the episode explaining exactly why: it’s because I had a stroke! 😱

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Here’s a run down of what’s inside:

  • Finding relief in simplicity, not complexity

  • What it’s like to be without a fully functioning left hemisphere for the day

  • The helpful aspects of the left brain… and the less helpful aspects (and how to tell the difference)

  • The neurological basis to loneliness

  • The link between the programmed mind and personality

  • The two distinct ways the mind is rubbish at predicting the future

  • The positive side to not fitting in: authenticity

  • The futility of trying to push square pegs into round holes

  • The common ingredients of an experience of not fitting in that we all share

  • The two characteristics that unite every single one of us (i.e. the level at which we truly ‘fit in’)

  • Coming full circle to simplicity, and how it holds all the answers we are seeking.

My goal for this episode was to help you see that it’s ok to feel like you don’t fit in… so with that in mind, sit back, relax and listen for insight. This is a recording that might just change your relationship with your self and other people, forever.



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WBW The one about… Fitting in