Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #32: Grief

“The one about… Grief, loss & death”

Loss is an unavoidable fact of life and yet generally we’re not all that good at dealing with it. Similarly, death is literally the only guarantee in life, but we fear it and too often we’re reticent to talk about it openly, getting very caught up in grief – so much so that the latest version of the DSM-5 has a new diagnosis for us all: “Prolonged Grief Disorder” yay!

So in this special edition of Wellbeing Wednesdays we pick apart the social norms, examine the beliefs we hold and hear lots of stories of grief and loss from the audience, as we work towards two goals:

  1. Seeing that there are no rules when it comes to grief (so any experience of it is ok)

  2. Learning how to be fine with whatever emotions show up.

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We do that, as always at Wellbeing Wednesdays, by understanding what’s going on for us, because when we truly understand how something works, we are no longer afraid of it.

Enjoy this excerpt:

Here are some of the areas we cover, and questions we answer:

  • The sorts of things we can grieve for

  • Looking at how much of grief is conditioned by societal expectations

  • The stages of grief… exactly how many?!

  • Why even the notion of a “prolonged grief disorder” is just plain wrong

  • Good feelings after death… and guilt around that

  • Numbing, distraction and denial

  • The role of the left brain/intellect in grief reactions

  • Being sad on behalf of others… can you be too empathic (and if so, what to do about it)?

  • Helping others to die well – how to do it?

  • The difference between the stuff that happens and our experience of it

  • Preparing for our own death

It’s a gentle, thought-provoking 1¾ hours that will provide you with an entirely fresh perspective on grief, loss and death, so settle in and listen for insight.



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WBW The one about… Grief loss & death