Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #30: Goals

“The one about… Goals”

A Fresh Perspective on Goals

One of the readings from this episode started by saying, “Goal setting is so commonly suggested that most people just assume it's the correct thing to do.” Now, a bit like the author, that sentiment doesn't sit very well with me and I've never been a huge fan of the traditional goal… but why not? Why do some people swear by them, and others loathe them? What's going on with them? Are they any use at all?

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In this episode we picked GOALS apart, answered your questions and arrived somewhere quite special by the end of the 90 minutes. We structured the evening around the four steps I always use when helping groups and individuals to solve their problems via insight, rather than willpower:

  1. FOUNDATIONS: The problem with goals. What are we up against when setting & achieving them?

  2. MECHANICS: The fundamentals of how goals work: three very different perspectives

  3. IMPLICATIONS: Taking our newfound understanding of the MECHANICS and applying it to healthy, fulfilling goal setting

  4. TRUE NATURE: Stripping away the illusory self and examining change and goals from a deeper perspective 

Watch this excerpt from the episode:

Sit back, relax and listen for insight, rather than a list of “how to's”. An entirely fresh perspective on goals awaits!



What others are saying about this episode

“Thanks Giles, I found this really helpful and insightful, and has given me a huge amount of clarity about goals!”

“I really enjoyed this session and wish I considered this way of looking at goals years ago!
I feel so much better now I understand the pitfalls of setting and pursuing goals that distract from the beauty of the present.”

“Giles presents in such a light, engaging way and I could listen to him for hours. It gave me confirmation that we can trust that life is unfolding perfectly and I think this is such a brilliant watch for anyone interested in exploring an alternative way of thinking about goals.”

“Such an interesting talk on goals, thanks. And some golden nuggets of information.”

WBW #30 quote - What does the universe want?

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WBW The one about… Goals