Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #29: Change

“The one about… Change”

Change. Love it or loathe it, it's something we all experience, all of the time… whether we notice it or not. So we dedicated a whole evening to it and took a whole host of subscriber questions, such as:

  • How can I stop fearing change so much?

  • There's a change I know I need to make, but I'm scared of the outcome. Help!

  • How do I create change, specifically around my daily habits?

  • Does change always require willpower?

  • What practical solutions can I employ to cope with seemingly constant, unpleasant change?

  • I have changed but those around me don't seem to accept that. It's bloody annoying!

  • How do we stop judging others, when their behaviour doesn't give us any reason not to?!

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I was a bit under the weather for this one, so it was a bit shorter than usual (53 mins) and I kept it simple and to the point, illustrating the MECHANICS behind the process of change by using examples from my own life, specifically:

  • Leaving a career as an NHS surgeon

  • Giving up a lucrative Health Informatics consultancy to go and… (I didn't know what)

  • Stopping drinking alcohol, when it was honestly one of my favourite things

With readings from the Focus Magazine, Hafiz, Richard Carlson and Syd Banks, we looked at change from an entirely fresh perspective, one where we came to the conclusion that “Change isn't something you do.”

Curious? It's all in this episode!



WBW #29 quote - Change isn't something we do

"Giles perfectly answered my plea for a PRACTICAL method of getting into the Now. I tried it and it worked immediately to quieten my anxiety over the unwelcome changes to our lives that many of us are feeling now."
~ Jo (Subscriber)

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