Video Masterclass

The experience of anxiety is something that nobody is immune from, whether it's a mild feeling of unease, right through to fully blown panic attacks. It can even take over our lives, limiting our choices because we fear that certain situations will overwhelm us… and so we avoid them. We try our best with sometimes-effective coping mechanisms, or we seek help in trying to root out the cause of it all, in our past. Let's face it, it's not much fun, is it?

You'll be pleased to hear, there's a totally different experience of it all to be had; one that is outside of everything you already know about anxiety. An understanding of anxiety and its diametric opposite—peace of mind—that doesn't require any digging around in the past, or clinging on to rituals & techniques by your nails.

“So much wisdom – fantastic way to spend an evening! Really recommended.” ~ L.W.

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In this video masterclass we take a deep dive into that understanding. Here are some of the questions covered:

  • How do I stop worrying thoughts?

  • How can I reduce workplace anxiety?

  • How to manage health anxiety… from covid, to conspiracy theories to actual death?

  • What to do about panic attacks – getting them to stop; actions to take, right in the middle of one?

  • How to cope with social anxiety?

This is 100 minutes that might just change your life, forever.

Anxiety - Video Masterclass