Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #26

“The one about… Wisdom”

It's astounding that in all the time that Wellbeing Wednesdays have been running, we've not covered the topic of “Wisdom” … that is until this month! It all started when a client of mine wowed me by dropping out of their habitual patterns of thought and straight into that boundless pool of wisdom and common sense that we all share. It really opened up my eyes and led to a magazine article and the inspiration for this episode.

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We had a number of subscriber questions, such as “What is wisdom?”, “How do we acquire wisdom?” and “How do we trust wisdom?” and after someone asked a question about stuff we can control and stuff we can't, we took a little side excursion into the wonderful world of free will.

Enjoy this excerpt:

Here's what's inside:

  • Seeing that we're always exactly where we need to be
  • Doubting our divinity. It's the nature of being human… and offers lessons
  • Why “showing up” is so important… and how low moods can guide us
  • What wisdom is and where it comes from
  • What we can change, what we can't and how much control we actually have
  • An unpacking of the notion of free will… from three different levels of consciousness
  • Being brainy vs. being wise
  • Acquiring wisdom – how do we actually do it?
  • The key to learning to trust intuition
  • Decisions: how they're made, what they are, how to make them easier

Sit back, relax and listen for…wisdom.



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WBW The one about… Wisdom