Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #25

“The one about… What other people think”

The topic for this month's Wellbeing Wednesdays stemmed from several conversations I had recently with clients, all of whom were feeling stuck in their own way, because of “what other people think”. So I devoted a whole episode to it, looking at the MECHANICS of what's going on when we think about what other people think, and the IMPLICATIONS for changing things for the better.

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We looked at perfectionism & people-pleasing and took our new understanding of “what other people think” into answering some questions, most notably a big one on changing careers when you're up against obstructive family & cultural expectations. 

Here's what's inside:

  • An invitation, from Hafiz, and a short meditation on awakening to the Now
  • How experiencing a low period led to a creative burst
  • A realisation: living inside a news article-created reality is not good for you!
  • Reading & discussion of an article I wrote: “What other people think”
  • A breakdown of the MECHANICS: what we think, what other people think… what's actually going on
  • How the mind creates the notion of “self” & “other” and the IMPLICATIONS
  • A reminder of where thought-feelings live: with the person creating them
  • An exploration of metaphors for oneness and connectedness
  • You are not your body (judged by cell volume, “you” are 54% bacteria)!
  • What we can learn from sound, how it works, and where the meaning in language is held
  • Looking at the phrase, “Hurt people hurt people”
  • How understanding separate realities fosters compassion
  • The development of self goes hand in hand with people-pleasing
  • Thought systems: what's in them; what's outside them
  • Making career changes when family/culture doesn't want us to
  • The deathbed test: a time-honoured kick up the arse
  • Looking at control, when making changes: what's in charge and what is not

Sit back, relax and listen for your own insight. An entirely fresh perspective on What other people think awaits!



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WBW The one about… What other people think