Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #15

“The one about… The Enlightenment Path”

This was a brilliant episode that contains subscriber questions along the lines of, “Oh Giles, I just don't get this stuff – what the hell are you on about and what possible difference could it make to my actual life?!” and “You can't possibly be including trauma survivors in this?!” and “But where I work is totally shit – don't tell me I can have a better experience of that!”

In covering these, and more, we laid out the entire enlightenment path, as denoted by the Zen proverb, “Mountain – No mountain – Mountain” and we also got stuck into behaviour change, by first understanding where behaviour comes from.

Here's what's inside:

  • Changing habits and behaviours… without having to lift a finger
  • What enlightenment actually is
  • Looking at personalities and personas – what exactly are they?
  • Examining the experience of coming to work with two different hats on
  • The enlightenment path, as denoted by the Zen saying, “Mountain – No mountain, Mountain”
  • Illusions and miracles outlined
  • Spiritual bypassing: what it is and how to avoid it
  • Question: What is this inside-out malarkey and how can it possibly be true?
  • Question: What about trauma survivors?
  • Question: Organisational change is hard, especially in the NHS. Help!
  • Question: Are you encouraging apathy?
  • What happens when nothing goes the way we want it to… and what to do about that
  • Question: Energy. What's that all about then?
WBW The one about… The Enlightenment Path v2