Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #24

“The one about… Models of Mental Health Care & the New Paradigm”

This was a bit of a different episode of Wellbeing Wednesdays, where we looked at what’s up with the existing models of mental healthcare. We then turned our eye to the future, exploring what the new paradigm has to offer. The live version of this was much longer and the first half has been extensively edited, to give you just the highlights. So it's a succinct session of two distinct halves: the first a fast and furious gallop through the current state of play; the second slower and more contemplative.

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Here’s what’s inside:

  • What we mean by the “FOUNDATIONS” of mental health

  • How to get the most out of this session

  • What we can learn about the “big stuff” from exploring the nature of life’s irritations

  • A flag goes up from the World Health Organisation: we can do better

  • What the Biopsychosocial Model of mental healthcare has to say about the causes of mental distress (and how it deals with them)

  • The Medical Model in Mental Health: how diagnoses come to pass (and how they might be improved)

  • The notion of “Precision Psychiatry” and why it’s heading in completely the wrong direction

  • Research into “Factor P”: one common liability for all forms of psychopathology

  • What the Inside-Out understanding reveals about the TRUE NATURE of general Factor P

  • How the “many problems, one solution” idea is nothing new

  • Looking way “upstream” to the nature of experience for the answers

  • The “one factor” is right under our noses… but we're looking in the wrong direction

  • The new paradigm for mental health & mental dis-ease, as described using a football

  • A fresh perspective on symptoms: pathology or just wisdom showing up?

  • The IMPLICATIONS of the new paradigm for mental health professionals

  • The ONE job we have, to alleviate suffering

  • A final reminder about the MECHANICS of how life works


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WBW The one about… Models of Mental Health Care