Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #21

“The one about… Gratitude”

An episode devoted to the topic of GRATITUDE: an inbuilt feeling state that somewhere along the way, we have innocently turned into a doing! So we picked it apart: what is it, where does it really come from, and how hard do we have to work at it? As well as a full hour on Gratitude, we had segments on the joys of being in nature, and a look at spirituality vs. psychology. A 90 minute bumper edition!

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Here's what we covered, over an hour and a half:

  • When getting lost in thought is ok (and when it's not)
  • Why being in nature has so many excellent properties
  • The pivotal role of presence/awareness of the now
  • Why the dictionary definition of gratitude is wrong
  • Gratitude practice and gratitude stones (remember those)?
  • Gratitude journalling … any good?
  • Quantifying how much control we have over our behaviour
  • Seeing the role that ego plays in gratitude
  • What  life looks like when you've got your “Gratitude goggles” on
  • How the Inside-Out understanding is rocket fuel for gratitude
  • Natural feelings vs. Artificial/learned feelings
  • Why thinking about happiness is a bad idea
  • The surprising mechanism behind using our feelings as a guide to our wellbeing
  • Being grateful for bad things in bad times
  • Three words of advice from one of the most grounded teachers in the field
  • The balance of spirituality & psychology

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WBW The one about… Gratitude