Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #14

“The one about… Relationships”

A great episode for a review of the MECHANICS, as we really major on the experience we're all having. Then when we get to talking about relationships in detail, we go deeper on both IMPLICATIONS and TRUE NATURE.

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Over an hour, here's what we cover:

  • The aim of the game: pacifying that big old left hemisphere of ours

  • How to snap out of busy-mindedness, instantly

  • A relaxing meditation that uses a body of water as a metaphor for the mind

  • What to do about anxious thinking

  • Back to basics: how exactly do we experience life?

  • Why seeing how it works is so completely life-changing

  • Feelings as helpful alarms (ignore them at your peril)!

  • Conflict in relationships… unjust behaviour… triggered reactions

  • Understanding what disagreement actually is

  • The crucial link between arguments and insecurity

  • Seeing relationships as being on holiday in a foreign country

  • A look at what's going on in genuinely abusive relationships

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WBW The one about… Anxiety & Relationships