Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #13

“The one about… The neuroscience of happiness”

This episode came about when I was scratching my head about how I would get this stuff across to myself, in a former life. I realised that cold hard scientific facts would be what I wanted to hear, so that's the route this episode took. It's a superb session and is one of the most popular episodes with subscribers.

Over an hour, we covered:

  • How speaking heart to heart bypasses the intellect (in a good way)!
  • A relaxing meditation on “Trains of thought”
  • Why we shouldn't get freaked out by the notion of “spirituality”
  • The TWO neurological facts we've known for ages, but nobody pointed out as critical to our wellbeing (practically half of the episode)
  • Why we can't ever “figure out” happiness
  • Cinema as a metaphor for life
  • Two different paths to happiness: ego vs. true self
  • The startling normality of “it” (innate health)
  • The pleasure of an “extra - ordinary” life
WBW The one about… Neuroscience