Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #20

“The one about… Ego”

An episode devoted to the topic of ego: what it is, what it is not, when it's useful, and when it's not…  and the process of “dissolving” unwanted ego. It's a fun hour, with lots of laughter, for such a deep topic!

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  • Being aware of being aware
  • Lived experience of the 3 Principles through loss of consciousness
  • What is ego, and when is it useful?
  • Defining ego from three different perspectives
  • The “I = ?” equation game
  • Is ego even a thing?
  • When ego is useful
  • Separating ourselves from ego
  • Dissolving the ego
  • Can ego “fight back” when it realises it's under threat?
  • Balancing ego

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WBW The one about… Ego