Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #12

“The one about… Religion / Being outdoors”

An episode with two quite disparate topics, which stemmed from a couple of IMPLICATIONS-type questions from the live stream subscribers. One asked: “What does a deeper appreciation of the principles behind Wellbeing Wednesdays mean for the religions of the world?” …and another asked, “Does better physical health & fitness mean better mental health?”

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Over an hour, in answering these questions, we explored the following:

  • A meditation to help you sleep: “You're here to see the fish”

  • Why looking after your body is so important

  • How to make uncertainty your friend

  • Falling out of our heads and into the NOW

  • Dissolving ego in the great outdoors

  • The difference between Thought and thinking

  • The 3 Principles

  • A whole load of illusions, to help you realise the power of thought

  • Why churches have a “spiritual feel” to them

  • How all religions are metaphors

  • Truth, and doorways to truth

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WBW The one about… Religion & Outdoors