Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #10

“The one about… Sadness and how we get over it”

Episode 10 is another favourite of mine - it's absolutely chocked full of wellbeing goodness and—due to overcoming a technical setback you don't see—I was on particularly good form! Over an hour, we explored the following topics:

  • Innate Health and how it relates to our physical wellbeing
  • Recovering from setbacks and disappointments
  • Why “getting it off your chest” is such a bad idea
  • How a bad mood is exactly like driving through fog
  • Fight/flight being triggered, and what to do about it
  • What “innate health” actually feels like
  • How understanding what sadness is helps us to feel less sad
  • Managing feeling sad on behalf of someone else
  • The grieving process made easier, or even easy
  • How ignoring our thinking is not denying our problems
WBW 10 The one about… Sadness