Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #5

“The one about… Why our feelings are SO important”

One of my all time favourite episodes! It's super practical—the perfect mix of MECHANICS and IMPLICATIONS—and covers questions and topics such as:

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  • The importance and role of breathing in all this

  • The 6 things that will ever actually harm you (there are no more)

  • Observing and learning from children

  • Low moods: the do's and don't of dealing with them

  • Why listening to your feelings is SUPER-important

  • Using the analytical mind, rather than being abused by it

  • How insights work, from a personal, and wider societal perspective

  • Why trying to control our thinking never works

  • WORRY… isn't it useful sometimes? … and how to worry less

  • Simplicity vs. complexity

WBW The one about… Why our feelings are SO important