Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #17

“The one about… What drives behaviour”

An episode all about behaviour: what holds it in place and how we change unwanted behaviours and habits. Here's what went on, in just shy of an hour:

  • What is the price we pay, for living a life of ease and grace? Why does it seem so hard?
  • How we live inside our (invisible) belief systems
  • Free will. Do we have it? Do we not have it?
  • Is a lack of control a good thing or a bad thing?
  • What to do about undesirable personality traits
  • What drives behaviour – what's in the mix?
  • Old paradigm (outside in) vs. new paradigm (inside-out)
  • How the reality we inhabit all comes down to thought
  • Level of consciousness and how they show up in life
  • Personalities are not a thing!
  • Brain abnormalities and wellbeing
  • A brief look at autism
  • The power of seeing what's variable and what's constant (i.e. what you can depend on)
WBW The one about… what drives behaviour