Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #16b

“Neuroscience of Wellbeing - Q&A Session #2”

An in-depth, extended Zoom webinar, in which, over the course of an hour and a half we answered the following questions…

  • Does journalling help with wellbeing?
  • Is Right brain = Positive and Left brain = Negative?
  • What can we do to move away from left brain and towards using the right brain more?
  • How can I reduce the stress of a busy GP list?
  • How could this understanding be tailored for working with people suffering from PTSD?
  • How could we explain this to junior doctors, when mentoring them?
  • Could this understanding be used to treat physical symptoms in General Practice?

We also discussed:

  • How to respond to unexpected life setbacks
  • How personal/life/habit change works
  • What we can all learn from the FedEx logo!
  • The ONE problem we're all up against (AND the solution)!
  • Why it's so important to listen to what our feelings are telling us
  • What I learned from getting stuck in traffic
  • The one thing you can do differently right now to have better relationships
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