Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #16a

“The one about… Chronic pain”

This was a special edition of Wellbeing Wednesdays, where I tackled some questions that arose from a medical conference I'd recently spoken at. In doing so, we slowed right down to the speed of life and, as usual, discovered there's always far less to do than we'd imagine.

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Over an hour and a quarter, we explored the following topics:

  • Why you shouldn't believe a word I say

  • The difference between “doing” (old paradigm) and “seeing” (new paradigm)

  • Neuroplasticity and ageing

  • What hemispheric differences and nerve conduction have got to do with wellbeing

  • Principles and why they're so important

  • Chronic pain

  • Understanding thoughts & feelings

  • How behaviour & habit change actually works

  • Being more present, and how it’s easier than you’d imagine

  • How therapy and CBT fit into the big picture

  • The mind-body connection and its link to our day to day experience of life

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WBW The (BMJ) one about… Chronic pain