A Fresh Perspective On Wellbeing

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The IMPLICATIONS of this course

  • Feeling more at ease – things just “make sense”
  • No longer will you be at the mercy of moods
  • Regrets about the past and worries about the future take on an entirely different perspective
  • Relief from long-standing habits
  • Feelings of self-confidence & resilience naturally surface
  • Relationships become easier as connection, communication and understanding really flourish
  • Mental health improves drastically; unhelpful labels are shedded and episodes are feared less
  • Emotions previously avoided are much easier to process.
  • Relief from the buzzy mind that keeps you awake at night.


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Because this very simple understanding has made such a huge difference in my life and the life of my clients – “Why did no one tell me this before?!” is the usual response.

Every single one of us should have access, and I want the ripples of this understanding to reach as far as possible.

I want YOU to be part of that change.

  • Giles P Croft Limited

    “This has me looking at life in a different way. I'm not focusing on the past, I'm much more in the moment and looking forward to the future!”

  • Giles P Croft Limited

    “It seems too good to be true but this has shown me that I don't need to *do* anything… I already have everything I need!”

  • Giles P Croft Limited

    “I'm seeing beauty in day to day stuff. My inclination for morbid thoughts has reduced. Thank you!”

  • Giles P Croft Limited

    “I came across Wellbeing Wednesdays last year at the beginning of the pandemic and they have sustained me ever since, lifting me out of the fear and depression I experienced at the time.”

  • Giles P Croft Limited

    “I'm much better now at letting go of chaotic thoughts & feelings, relaxing… and getting some sleep. Thank you!”

  • Giles P Croft Limited

    “MASSIVE thanks! I have made so many shifts, I genuinely experience life differently… I'm not worried about what may or may not happen, I'm excited about how things will unfold.”

  • Giles P Croft Limited

    “It’s made a massive difference to me. It’s helped me to recognise when my mind has been going into overload … I find it much easier to let go of my stress now.”

  • Giles P Croft Limited

    “I have developed a much more healthy state of mind. I see the world in a new way and am much more able to live in the present moment, rather than over-thinking and over-analysing things.”

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Course Content

  • The free FOUNDATIONS course consists of 8 short video lessons that cover all four steps of the Fresh Perspective process
  • The IN DEPTH course takes you deeper into each of the steps
  • Both courses have links to additional resources
  • Written transcripts of each topic
  • Downloadable content
  • Get questions answered from me
  • No new practices to learn or fail at!
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What Is the Cost of the IN DEPTH Course?

The cost for The Fresh Perspective In Depth Course is £45 for lifetime access to all the video lessons.


I used to think that creating the perfect set of circumstances—good job, plenty of money, fulfilling, humane work—was the best bet for a happy life. So I threw myself into a medical career and trained as a surgeon. I mean, what better way?

But achieving that success didn't have the effect I'd expected and I found myself pulled towards other ventures, outside of medicine. I spent years trying to find the ‘right’ thing for me, genuinely believing there was something wrong with me when I couldn't seem to settle, until in 2018, I stumbled across an understanding of how our minds work, how we experience the world and what we're capable of, that changed everything

All of a sudden everything made sense. There never was anything wrong with me, and insightfully saw how happiness really is an ‘inside job’ – a natural, inbuilt state of calm and clarity we can access, that is independent of life's circumstances.

Since then I've had the great fortune to support and guide individuals and groups from all walks of life and from all over the world, sharing this understanding with them and watching them wake up to their true nature, as they reconnect to their inbuilt state of health and happiness, once and for all.  💟

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  • Giles P Croft Limited

    “I’m much more positive… in much better moods: optimistic, empathic, creative. I can concentrate much better and don't dwell on the crap. I have had so many insights about the way things really are, not how we've been conditioned to think they are. It's bleedin' awesome!”


    Transportation Strategy Manager, UK