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Reconnect Beta Programme

Say good-bye to overwhelm, burnout, anxiety, worries and stress that keep you from appreciating your life. This 6-week group coaching program will give you the insights that will allow you to feel clear-headed, confident and contented on a daily bases, regardless of what’s going on in your life. 

Once you register, you'll be set to join me for 6 weekly, 90-minute interactive teaching sessions (with an optional 30 mins after, for questions) covering four modules. The programme starts on Wednesday June 7th. 

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The 6 Week Reconnect Programme

Come and learn the #1 most effective way to improve your wellbeing* and change your life for the better — permanently — on the 6 week Reconnect Programme with Dr Giles P Croft.

*in a National survey of >200 interventions, the Reconnect course was shown to improve wellbeing scores significantly more than any other method (Ref: What Works Centre for Wellbeing,“Rapid review of wellbeing evaluation research using the WEMWBS scales”, May 2022)

What Past Participants Had To Say

“The results I’ve achieved have reawakened my optimism and eagerness to take on more. It’s totally liberating! I genuinely feel more relaxed and confident about the future.”


“This exceeded my expectations - my anxiety has decreased and I'm more settled. I feel a lot lighter and life feels easier to manage. I would highly recommended to others!”


“It has made me see the bigger picture and how it is important to remember that I don't have to go with my default reaction, it is good to stop and think and choose a different reaction not based on worrying what other people think of me – it’s about giving myself permission to be me, not how I’ve been conditioned to be.”


"I am more present, I spend much less time thinking about the future, imagining worst case scenarios and preparing for difficult conversations. I am sleeping better. I feel that the fog has lifted and I am living in the sunshine!"