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WBW The one about… What other people think

Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #25

The topic for this month's Wellbeing Wednesdays stemmed from several conversations I had recently with clients, all of whom were feeling stuck in their own way, because of “what other people think”. So I devoted a whole episode to it, looking at the MECHANICS of what's going on when we think about what other people think, and the IMPLICATIONS for changing things for the better. We looked at perfectionism & people-pleasing and took our new understanding of “what other people think” into answering some questions, most notably a big one on changing careers when you're up against obstructive family & cultural expectations. 

Here's what's inside:

  • A reading and meditation on awakening to the Now
  • How experiencing a low period led to a creative burst
  • Going on a social media & news diet
  • Reading & discussion of an article I wrote: “What other people think”
  • How the mind creates the notion of “self” & “other”
  • An exploration of metaphors for oneness and connectedness
  • You are not your body (judged by cell volume, “you” are 54% bacteria)!
  • Looking at the phrase, “Hurt people hurt people”
  • How understanding separate realities fosters compassion
  • The development of self goes hand in hand with people-pleasing
  • Thought systems: what's in them; what's outside them
  • Making career changes when family/culture doesn't want us to