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WBW The one about… Forgiveness

Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #19

In this episode we took on one big topic: Forgiveness. We looked at it from every angle – what it is, how we do it, why it seems hard, what's on offer and – and we took our understanding of it from very light touch, to super-deep.

Here's what's inside:

  • The difference between listening, and really hearing something
  • The definition and etymology of the word “forgiveness”
  • What is it about “giving up ill thoughts” that's so difficult?
  • Forgiveness in relationships
  • The difference between “doing” forgiveness, and understanding
  • How to forgive and forget
  • How forgiveness is the ultimate act of selfishness
  • Our experience: it's variable but we get stuck on thinking it's fixed
  • What happens with forgiveness in the present moment
  • Psychological innocence: what it is, how to appreciate it, what happens when we do
  • Looking at the statement: “Charity begins at home”
  • The neuroscience behind the illusion of ego
  • Using our feelings to get a barometer on egoic thinking
  • Human beings being human
  • What we can learn from the Zen concept of “No mountain”