The Two Brain-Facts That Change Everything

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These two overlooked features of how our psychology works have huge IMPLICATIONS for our wellbeing:

1. The two halves of our brain see the world in very different ways (and we're a lot more aware of one, to the detriment of the other)

2. While it looks like we're experiencing the world directly, we're not. Our entire felt experience of life comes from the perceptual process itself (sometimes called “The Principle of Thought”) – which is a facsimile of reality, generated from the “inside-out,” not reality itself.

Now, you probably read that and are thinking, What?! … and it's here that I need to be up front with you and make it perfectly clear that this is nothing you need to learn, or ‘get’, or apply, or even do anything with. Listen carefully: 

You don't need to understand this – it’s not the answer!

I'm simply pointing out a couple of overlooked features of how we experience reality, using the metaphors of the left/right brain and nerve latency; a couple of areas of misunderstanding that we are all innocently walking around in… with dire consequences for our mental health & wellbeing, and that of our fellow humans. When we try to solve problems on FOUNDATIONS of misunderstanding, we head off in the wrong direction and get into all sorts of difficulty. With this video I want to start removing some of that misunderstanding for you.

It's something to see, not something that you have to do.

My hope is that by watching this video you'll get a little bit of insight that will spark in you a desire to continue this journey with me, because I can assure you – the more you look in this direction and see through these tricks of the mind, the easier your life becomes.

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