The Two Brain-Facts That Change Everything

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These two neurological characteristics have such huge IMPLICATIONS for our wellbeing:

1. The two halves of our brain see the world in very different ways (and we're a lot more aware of one, than the other)

2. While it looks like we're experiencing the world directly, we're not. We're only ever experiencing the perceptual process itself (sometimes called “The Principle of Thought”) – which is a facsimile of reality that's generated from the “inside-out”, not reality itself.

The video is taken from two separate events I ran, both of which closely followed a talk I'd given at a conference, called ‘The Neuroscience of Wellbeing’. People had lots of questions, so I ran these two events to answer them. 

I need to be up front with you and make it perfectly clear that this is nothing you need to learn, or ‘get’, or apply. Listen carefully: 

You don't need to understand this – it’s not the answer!

I'm simply pointing out a couple of overlooked features of how we experience reality, using the metaphors of the left/right brain and nerve latency. It's what I'm pointing to that's important, not the actual details of what I'm discussing. And my hope is, that you'll get a little bit of insight, that will spark in you a desire to continue the journey with me.


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