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1 hour
Face to face insight-based consultation (1hr) conducted by Zoom

Walk & Talk


1 ½ hours

Insight-based consultation, outdoors in the Brecon Beacons National Park




6 x 1hr face to face online consultations, conducted by Zoom 

Walk & Talk



4 x 1½hr transformative consultations, conducted outdoors


“It was rapid. After a couple of sessions there was a significant change. It works. 

This was not some scripted coaching package off the shelf, but a profound, life-changing experience. And fun!

Giles listens, is compassionate and committed, has humility, a sense of humour and an understanding of the way that we as humans experience our lives that will change everything for you, forever. For that I am grateful!"


~ Consultant Surgeon, NHS, UK

Walk & Talk Consultations

The benefits, to both our bodies and our minds, of being outdoors in nature have been widely documented. It's why I have made it my office, and if you can reasonably travel to Monmouthshire for at least one session, then I recommend you do so. Transformation comes easily when immersed in the real world.

I cater to all levels of fitness and here in the Brecon Beacons National Park we are blessed with riverside walks, canals, foothills and peaks… all within a stone's throw of Abergavenny. There's something for everyone, and if you're ready to experience a breakthrough in your life, then there's no better place.

Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal, Llanfoist

Llanwenarth, view to Sugarloaf Mountain

View from the Deri, towards the Rholben

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Whether you’re new to this understanding of how the mind works, or you’ve been around it for a while, there’s something for you.

To choose the piece of writing that suits where you’re at, CLICK ON THE IMAGES below.


If you’re new to this understanding of how the mind works, read this essay first. It’s an article that was written for a medical journal, and details the neuroscience and its implications.


If you’ve been around this understanding for a while and want to go deeper, read this two-part essay, about the universally impersonal nature of thoughts and feelings.