WATCH the video below to discover the 3 breakthroughs that helped a stressed-out professional come back from the brink of burnout

  • Giles P Croft Limited

    “Money well spent! I’m much more positive… in much better moods: optimistic, empathic, creative. I can concentrate much better and have much more energy.”

    Transportation Strategy Manager, UK

  • Giles P Croft Limited

    “My whole mindset has transformed. I’m less regretful about the past and feel much less anxious about the future than I used to.”

    Doctor & Therapist, UK

  • Giles P Croft Limited

    “I have developed a much more healthy state of mind. I see the world in a new way and am much more able to live in the present moment, rather than over-thinking and over-analysing things”

    Managing Director, SME Business

  • Giles P Croft Limited

    “The results I’ve achieved have reawakened my optimism and eagerness to take on more. It’s totally liberating! I genuinely feel more relaxed and confident about the future.”

    Coach & iHeart Facilitator

  • Giles P Croft Limited

    “This has been so life changing for me! I have an inner peace and a deeper, human connection with my patients and their families.”

    Hospital doctor, UK


I used to think that creating the perfect set of circumstances—good job, plenty of money, fulfilling, humane work—was the best bet for a happy life. So I threw myself into a medical career and trained as a surgeon. I mean, what better way?

But achieving that success didn't have the effect I'd expected and I found myself pulled towards other ventures, outside of medicine. I spent years trying to find the “right” thing for me (mostly beating myself up for never finding it) until in 2018, I stumbled across an understanding of how our minds work, how we experience the world and what we're capable of, that changed everything

All of a sudden everything made sense and I truly got how happiness really is an “inside job” – a natural, inbuilt state that we can access, independent of circumstance.

Since then I've had the great fortune to work with individuals and groups from all walks of life and from all over the world, sharing this understanding with them and watching them wake up to their true nature, as they reconnect to health and happiness, once and for all. 

I am a registered Three Principles Practitioner.


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Whether you’re new to this understanding of how the mind works, or you’ve been around it for a while, there’s something for you.

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If you’re new to this understanding of how the mind works, read this primer first. It’s an article that was written for a medical journal, and details the neuroscience and its implications.


If you’ve been around this understanding for a while and want to go deeper, read this two-part essay, about the universally impersonal nature of thoughts and feelings.