Reconnect to Innate Health

A 6-week online programme to support you in reconnecting to your inbuilt well being



The 6 Week Course Everybody Loves!

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Are you struggling with overwhelm, burnout and feelings of not being enough? Are you sleeping poorly, with a feeling like you’re fighting life all the time? Are you tired of letting stress, worry and anxiety run your life?

What if instead you could feel clear-headed, confident and contented on a daily basis, regardless of what’s going on in your life, whether that’s at work or at home? What if you could effortlessly switch off from the day’s stresses without playing it all out in your head, or resorting to opening the fridge? What if you knew, beyond any doubt, that you could bring your most resourceful, creative self to each and every situation you face?

Over the last three years I have helped more than 200 people with problems just like these to turn their lives around completely and find long-lasting peace of mind and fulfilment, on my signature “Reconnect” Programme.












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Giles P Croft Limited

“This exceeded my expectations - my anxiety has decreased and I'm more settled. I feel a lot lighter and life feels easier to manage. I would highly recommended to others!”

Giles P Croft Limited

“Giles helped me see my situation in ways I hadn't imagined or ever thought possible. He has a charming & disarming bedside manner that put me at my ease from the beginning.”

Giles P Croft Limited

“The results I’ve achieved have reawakened my optimism and eagerness to take on more. It’s totally liberating! I genuinely feel more relaxed and confident about the future.”

How My Approach Compares

Instead of teaching coping mechanisms and giving people more to do (“additive” approach), the Reconnect Programme eliminates the root cause of the pressure that people feel in their lives (“subtractive” approach), leaving them with less to do, a clearer mind and a deep, unshakeable sense of okayness that pervades their lives.

Reconnect keynote - Additive vs Subtractive

This unique approach was recently found to be the #1 most effective way of improving the lives of ordinary people, by an independent UK advisory body (the What Works Centre for Wellbeing). Out of more than 200 different interventions examined across the whole of the UK, the six week ‘Reconnect’ course demonstrated the greatest improvement in wellbeing of ALL of them, as measured on a validated, internationally recognised scale (WEMWBS short form pre- and post-programme measurements).

Giles P Croft Limited

“I am happier, both at work and at home. I’m more relaxed now, and have learned not to overthink things 99% of the time. I no longer worry about returning to work after being on annual leave – this would have kept me up all night, before.”

Giles P Croft Limited

“It has made me see the bigger picture and how it is important to remember that I don't have to go with my default reaction, it is good to stop and think and choose a different reaction not based on worrying what other people think of me – it’s about giving myself permission to be me, not how I’ve been conditioned to be.”

Giles P Croft Limited

“Work has been mad recently, but I know I’ve got the capability to cope with these situations. I’m not panicking, or getting frustrated and angry at things I cannot control. I’ve got a clear head. I’m sleeping better. I feel calmer and colleagues have noticed this. Thanks very much!”

Programme Outline

This 6-week group coaching programme consists of 6 weekly, 90-minute interactive teaching sessions (with an optional 30 mins after, for questions) covering four modules. We'll kick off with the first session on Wednesday 11th October 2023 (7.30pm UK time)

You'll have access to a Professional Membership Site (not on Social Media) for session replays and a whole library of additional relevant materials for you to deepen your understanding, in your own time, that will grow as the course progresses.



Getting a feel for a completely new approach to wellbeing

  • Why am I feeling like this?
  • What can I do to change things?
  • How do I break free from this wretched cycle of stress and overthinking?
  • Why learning coping techniques doesn’t work
  • The unrecognised, inbuilt super-power that does all the heavy lifting for you
  • How we can heal the past without endlessly revisiting it

Module 02: MECHANICS 

Unlearning unhelpful misconceptions about how you, and your mind, work

  • How and why we have busy minds
  • Where self-confidence and feelings of self-worth come from… and how to access them
  • Why anxiety and worry are actually helpful pointers
  • What’s going on when we feel like we’re spinning out of control
  • The foolproof way back to clarity, focus and peace of mind
  • The real way in which the left and right brains work (tirelessly… on your behalf)!


Tackling life’s problems with ease and grace, rather than resorting to willpower

  • How to have better relationships, at work and at home
  • Saying goodbye to the experience of stress, whatever you’re up against
  • The root cause – and solution – for mental health problems
  • Managing difficult moods – what to do, and when
  • Kicking habits we’ve tried and failed to be rid of, without depriving ourselves
  • How to access creative flow and be more productive all round
  • Managing difficult people without conflict


Tapping into our best selves, any time we like

  • Rediscovering the “real you”
  • Feeling comfortable in your own skin again
  • Learning to drop negative self-talk and self-judgement
  • Leaving behind self-doubt and trusting our intuition more
  • Reconnecting to our inbuilt resilient selves
  • Ditching imposter syndrome for good
Giles P Croft Limited

“I am more present, I spend much less time thinking about the future, imagining worst case scenarios and preparing for difficult conversations. I am sleeping better. I feel that the fog has lifted and I am living in the sunshine!”

Giles P Croft Limited

“I have felt more resilient when challenges have arisen. I used to scare myself with the thought, ‘I am going to be overwhelmed’ and that would make me turn away from difficulties. I no longer believe that thought, so am able to face challenges and deal with them more calmly and effectively. I have noticed myself being less reactive, taking time to allow solutions to come to me, and as a result acting more wisely.”

Giles P Croft Limited

“I mostly wanted to understand my work fears and learn how to manage them, and as the weeks went by, the course began to do what was intended. Both at home and in work my relationships have improved. I now don’t take things as seriously as I used to.”

Programme Details

Programme Start (Session 1): 11th October 2023

Day/Time: Weekly 90-minute calls on Wednesdays at 7:30pm UK time, with an optional additional 30 minutes of Q/A Coaching to 9.30pm

Location: Live online on Zoom

Recordings: will be uploaded to the private membership site within 48 hours to those that cannot attend live.

Investment: Being mindful of the cost of living crisis and just how tough it is for everyone at the moment, I've decided to price this life-changing programme at just £99 + VAT* for 3 instalments. This gives you lifetime access to all the sessions and many hours of helpful additional materials hosted in a professional membership site, as well as personal support and guidance personally from me throughout the entirety of the 6 week course.

There is also a single payment option, where you pay up front for £349 all-in*

*N.B. If you're outside the UK/EU then VAT is not applicable, so prices are lower

Giles P Croft Limited

“I realised that insecurity and fear drives so many behaviours I see in the workplace – that’s given me such a different understanding of what’s motivating people; understanding where people are coming from. In the past I would assume it was something I said or did, but I’m realising what they’re thinking and what they do has very little to do with me. That’s really helped me to step back – I don’t overthink or worry about it any more.”

Giles P Croft Limited

“If I were to describe where I was before the course… I was increasingly experiencing anxiety and the fight or flight response. I was over-analysing to the stage of it being really destructive to my own physical health; my bloods showing problems with cortisol levels and stuff. Things were unraveling! I’m so thankful Giles for the timing and the content of what we’ve gone through. I’m still thinking a lot but I’m not anxious in that thinking any more. I’m much more relaxed. I’m present and more myself. I’m more productive. I’m healthier. Big thumbs up!!”

Giles P Croft Limited

“I assumed this was resilience training to support our employer’s agenda of having more productive employees, but saw this was irrelevant – it was a calm, reflective experience and has contributed to my overall wellbeing and sense of self. It’s not groundbreaking in its content, but somehow the overall outcome is.”


Who is this Programme for?

Here’s how you'll know if you're a good fit for the Reconnect Programme:

    • You want to feel less stressed and overwhelmed both at work and at home
    • You have unhealthy habits or irritating behaviours you’d like to change
    • You want to feel more self-confident and less self-critical
    • You want to get a better night’s sleep
    • You’d like a better work-life balance but don’t know how
    • You want to worry less and feel generally more at ease
    • You’d like to get back to being creative, focused and productive
    • You’re at a crossroads in life and want mental clarity when making decisions to move forward

    • You've been impacted by the Innate Health/3 Principles understanding and want to go a bit deeper.

If you answered yes to any of the above then the Reconnect Programme is designed for you.

 Who is this programme not for?

  • Anyone content with the way things are in their life (i.e. if it ain't broke, don't fix it)!
  • People looking for inspiration as to how to run their own well being course (If this is you, drop me a line via my contact form, I may be able to help in other ways)

How is it delivered?

  • Weekly sessions, up to 2hrs long (90 mins content + 30 mins optional Q&A)
  • Live, interactive video sessions, conducted via Zoom platform
  • Session recording PLUS a host of additional materials hosted in a professional, private membership site

What is the time requirements for participants?

  • Minimum: 90 minutes per week
  • There will be no ‘homework’ or regular practices you have to do
  • If you wish to experience the greatest impact, I will recommend additional reading / listening / watching in between sessions, but it’s not mandatory for transformational change to occur

Can I pay in instalments?

  • You can! At checkout you can choose between paying for the course in full (£290.83 + VAT*), or you can choose to pay over three months, with 3 instalments of £99 + VAT.
  • Due to the ongoing cost of living crisis, I’m keeping the investment super low, because now especially is when it’s most important to have a handle on this stuff and I don’t want anyone to be excluded

  • *Please note that for participants outside the UK/EU, VAT does not apply.

What if I can't make it live?

  • Each week’s session will be recorded and the replay will be uploaded to the private membership site, within 48hrs of the live session
  • You will have access to the recordings after the course is completed, indefinitely - a hugely valuable resource for you, going forwards
  • Fear not, the impact is not diminished from watching the replays, rather than being there live. Several participants have joined from a time zone on the other side of the world, couldn't attend any live sessions and got everything they wanted out of the course by just watching the replays.

What if I change my mind after it starts?

  • If you attend the introductory webinar, or you get a couple of sessions in and realise this really isn’t for you, then you get a full refund and we part ways amicably. I'm not a monster!


What impact will it have?

Scroll through the videos using the arrows below them to see what the course was like for previous participants, learn about the changes that happened for them during the programme and hear their recommendations for who the course might suit.


    More self-confidence and less worrying what other people think.



    Witnessing changes occur through insight, rather than willpower; seeing the bigger picture in the workplace.


  • Closer, more relaxed relationships; coping much better with the big stuff, and an end to “not good enough”.


  • No more anxious spiralling, a sense of peace and a renewed appreciation of life in the moment.



    Coming through an existential crisis and rediscovering joy and peace of mind, after years of searching. 


    No more getting caught up in anxious over-thinking and a reconnection to the “real me”.


Sound too good to be true?

I hear you! Honestly… before starting this work, I'd have been hugely skeptical (and probably have thought all the testimonials were made up, ha ha – they're not)! This is completely understandable and a very common starting place for this kind of course. It's so different from the mainstream stuff out there, it would be a bit weird if you (i.e. your mind) didn't have reservations!

It’s ok, all will be revealed during the course. Have a read through these real life responses from people who didn’t know what to expect before they began, either… (names have been removed for privacy, but these all came from Health & Social Care workers, at the end of the programme).

If any of these experiences resonate with you - reserve your place NOW!

Giles P Croft Limited

“I no longer feel the need to be in control all the time, and am far less reactive to experiences. I’m less concerned about how others perceive me and no longer try to meet what I imagine are others’ expectations of me - it’s very empowering.”

Giles P Croft Limited

“I listen to my inner voice far less and am more positive. I used to overthink things – a lot!! – I’m now more able to let things just be. I’m calm most of the time. I’m also sleeping better!”

Giles P Croft Limited

“I thought the positive results others had seen from the course would not happen for me. I now know that I am not who my thoughts say I am. I don’t try and shoo them out, manage or organise them… they just come and go. It enhances your quality of life and decreases stress and anxiety. Bloody awesome!”

Giles P Croft Limited

“It makes a difference that is deeper and more profound than just taking in knowledge. It builds a resilient workforce who don’t need to go on sick-leave, and who can respond to the pressures on Social Services. A genuine huge thank you to Giles!”

Giles P Croft Limited

“I’m back in work now, where I’d been off because of anxiety. Looking back, I was so agitated, but something has happened and I’ve noticed changes in a lot of things. I’m happy, without realising it! I’ve learnt to slow down a bit and enjoy stuff again.”

Giles P Croft Limited

“Last week I had the best sleep, 7 days a week, including Sunday evening. Not worried about what's going to happen next week. It's just not there. It's just gone. However life unfolds I can deal with it. I don't have to be worried and overthink it several days beforehand. It’s really, really great!”

Giles P Croft Limited

“This course offers a completely new way of viewing stress and resilience. It offers the opportunity to gain insights which can make a profound difference to the way we view and deal with problems in our lives. The concepts shared are surprisingly simple and easy to remember. ”

Giles P Croft Limited

“I suffer from debilitating panic attacks and since attending I’ve had less. I had one this week and it didn’t last 4 hours like it usually does. This time I let things go; I let it wash over. That’s a big improvement.”

Giles P Croft Limited

“I wanted to stop blaming myself for everything. And about two weeks ago, somebody was unexpectedly abusive towards me. I know what would have happened before – I would have taken it really seriously and gone into my office and cried. But I just laughed it off! It was a strange moment, because I thought, ‘Oh, I didn’t know I could do that! I didn’t know I could get over things that quickly.’”

Giles P Croft Limited

“I realised I had lots of overthinking stopping me. So I've done lots of things I wouldn't normally do. I’ve managed to go on holiday, and fly! I went swimming and normally I’d be freaking out, but for the first time in a long time, I enjoyed it. I don't know what it is, but it really clicked to stop the overthinking. Learning to move on and let go but also be more present in the moment.”

Giles P Croft Limited

“It works well in arguments - bypass the rubbish and move to ‘get over it.’ If I’ve had a dispute with my partner, I just say, ‘Should we forget the dispute part?’ Because in the end it’s not going to change anything. We’re going to make up, because we love each other. Let’s just skip the ‘dispute’ part and move on to the ‘love each other’ part.”

Giles P Croft Limited

“Before, when I felt anxious, I would think, ‘Why do I feel anxious? I shouldn’t feel anxious! What is my body telling me to change in the situation?’ Whereas now, I see it’s just transient: feelings… thoughts… they come and go. I don’t pay it too much attention, which I find helpful. We are all limitless power, love, wisdom, which we’ve lost sight of, because thought gets in the way.”

Giles P Croft Limited

“I used to be more of a worrier. I’d think about everything I said in the day, over and over again and play everything back. Whereas now, I’m a lot more relaxed. It’s really hard to explain. I guess I realised that it doesn’t matter. I can stress, but it’s not actually going to resolve anything! The overall results are the same. The only difference is the stressing out bit is going to make me feel like rubbish! ”

Giles P Croft Limited

“I don’t have the dreaded thoughts I was waking up with. It’s changed. My mind is quieter. I’m more present. I still get thoughts, but I’m relaxed about it now. It’s all calm in there. It’s a bit of a miracle. Thank you Giles!”

Giles P Croft Limited

“I’ve noticed I don’t keep on thinking about stuff. I’d spend days—or weeks!—being very analytical. But I realised you only ever need to think about it once, and then that’s done. I noticed I take the same action anyway, whether I spend 20 seconds or 40 hours thinking about it!”

Giles P Croft Limited

“Before the course I found it impossible to stop worrying about everything. Now I have learned that all my stress and worry come from thought – I’m looking at things very differently and don’t stress as much. Once you see how things are, you can’t unsee it. It’s fantastic!”

Giles P Croft Limited

“There are points in the day, for example driving—when people are cutting me up and that—your voice in my head is saying ‘Everyone is doing what makes sense to them’ so there is no point in me getting upset – they don't care! So I've noticed I'm much calmer driving now, which is one of the biggest things.”

Giles P Croft Limited

“The problem where I was worried about the future before starting the course? That has subsided. I’m aware I’m not worrying about it as much. It’s still in the back of my mind but I think I’m just more relaxed, thinking about that. I’m less obsessed with figuring out the ‘why’ … just accepting it, rather than dwelling on it all the time.”

Giles P Croft Limited

“I was on a downward spiral of anxiety and needed to take stock of the negative trajectory I was on. With the help of Giles and the course, things don’t have a handle on me any more; they don’t have to control me and rob me of my wellbeing. I’m calmer, more myself, more productive and more help to others. I have less anxiety and more peace. Thank you.”

Giles P Croft Limited

“Everyone, somehow, magically, has been much nicer to me!! I suspect obviously it’s not them, it’s me, just being less negative and grumpy. I suspect what’s happening is I’m more cheerful and relaxed and people are responding to that in a more positive, and distinctly more pleasant, way.”

About Giles

Dr Giles P Croft is a psychology graduate and former NHS surgeon who stepped aside from clinical practice for a decade to explore a number of career paths, including health informatics, cycling journalism, public speaking and high street retail with his wife.

He is now back in the healing profession, tackling the root cause of chronic mental stress and its many harmful effects by helping clients reconnect to their natural, inbuilt state of health and happiness, without the need for prescriptions, coping strategies, or time consuming self-care practices.

He runs a heart-centred coaching practice and lives in the Brecon Beacons National Park with his wife and 9 year old daughter.

Giles P Croft Limited

“Giles delivered the course in a way that provided a very relaxed, safe environment to learn together. It is an investment that I know will continue to give, and, with the materials still accessible after the course, with an opportunity to continue to deepen understanding even when the course has finished.”

Giles P Croft Limited

“Giles is a wonderful master teacher of the 3 Principles. They are “in” him and they wonderfully flow “out” of him. He has a wealth and breadth of knowledge and resources.

Thank you Giles for who you are and sharing your teaching and wisdom with us! ”

Giles P Croft Limited

“I would recommend the course based on Giles’ manner. His way of speaking is very approachable and the course felt very accessible, no matter how many other things you may have previously tried.

I feel very lucky to have experienced the course.”