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WBW The one about… Listening & Intuition

Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #43: Listening and Intuition

The notion of INTUITION can seem a bit ethereal at times - like a dark art! Sometimes we sense it, other times we write it off, or maybe we don’t even think it’s a thing at all.

So this month we devoted the best part of an evening to the topic, looking at what exactly it is, the science behind it and a whole raft of metaphors to help put us more in touch with it.

We started by exploring our understanding of how LISTENING works, because it turns out LISTENING and INTUITION are intimately intertwined.

Here’s a run down of what’s inside:

  • How one simple metaphor can unlock a whole different experience of life

  • What is “creative listening”?

  • The link between listening and focus, attention & intuition

  • What lies “beyond the thinking mind”

  • The science behind intuition

  • The ultimate spiritual practice - revealed!

  • Identifying the difference between intuition and brain-chatter

  • Digging into “either/or” vs. “and” and why that’s important

  • How to use the the ‘back burner’ for an effortlessly productive experience of life

  • Working with values, beliefs and truth

  • Self-confident, intuitive decision making

This episode is a wonderful mixture of light-heartedness, metaphor, music, poetry and practical problem-solving, and if you’re looking to move through life with more intuition and less worry, then it’s the one for you.