Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #9

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WBW The one about… Traumatic childhood events

Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode #9

In this episode we tackled a number of big topics that stemmed from a variety of subscriber questions. 

Over an hour, we covered:

  • How can this understanding help people with mental disorders?
  • Is it safe to share this understanding with someone who's acutely unwell?
  • Are you saying that regular Psychiatry is ineffective?
  • How different treatment modalities (therapy/CBT/NLP) work, in relation to the 3 Principles
  • The difference between looking at problems “downstream” and “upstream”
  • Resilience! What it actually is; why you can never be “not resilient enough”
  • Childhood abuse in relation to the statement, “It is not possible to be psychologically harmed”
  • The developing “self”
  • The reason behind depression (i.e. what it's for)
  • The absolutely pivotal role that feelings play in our wellbeing
  • How this understanding could help with something like tinnitus
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